Inspirational Writings

Grab a beverage and sit with Gil and Brenda for a moment. As they share from their experience, their blogs will give you inspiration and insight on how to strengthen your marriage and family.

Those People

Jan 12, 2017
No matter the age of your children, if they are from a broken home or if they experienced the death of a parent, loss, and grief are to be expected. If or when their parent enters a new relationship those...
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The Top 10 Traits of a Successful Remarriage

Oct 18, 2016
1. Be your spouse’s biggest ally. They are first.  Have ‘their back” in all situations. (Before the kids, the ex, the job, etc.)  2. Seriously pray for wisdom daily/hourly. Remarriage and stepfamily life is a huge challenge.  3. Assume the best in...
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How to Protect Your Marriage from “Those People”

Aug 03, 2016
Jack and Joan* called us one evening sounding frustrated in their remarriage…with one another. Interestingly enough, they shared, at the same time, they are doing fine and are very much in love. What? Frustration and love at the same time?...
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