Inspirational Writings

Grab a beverage and sit with Gil and Brenda for a moment. As they share from their experience, their blogs will give you inspiration and insight on how to strengthen your marriage and family.

How Do I Make My Remarriage Work? (Part 1)

Jul 03, 2017
My husband Gil and I have been married for fourteen years—remarried that is. We were both active and involved in our churches before we met, so we never thought we would find ourselves on this side of the marriage fence....
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Supporting Your Children’s Step-Dad

Jun 13, 2017
A StepMom’s Thought on Father’s Day. Well, Mother’s Day has passed. I hope your day went well. I actually received a gift from one of my stepsons and his wife. This really cute balloon was attached to a bottle of...
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A Stepmom’s Mother’s Day

May 09, 2017
Another Mother’s Day is coming deep sigh. It seems to come around the same time every year, doesn’t it? Before I was a stepmom, I looked forward to this “holiday” with curious anticipation. How will my boys acknowledge this day and...
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