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Coffee and Couples

Mar 13, 2020

Vancouver, WA.
Gold Cup Coffee House.

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Love Like You Mean It Cruise

Feb 09 - 16, 2020

Hosted by Family Life.

It is truly an experience like no other. We invite you to join us on our 10th Anniversary sailing of the Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise – an unforgettable week on the high seas as you reconnect, relax, renew, rediscover, romance, and remember.

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Restored and Remarried, Vancouver, WA

Jan 17 - 18, 2020

Hosted by His Heart Foundation – Seminar.

Single parents, Dating, Engaged, been Remarried for a while? Come and be refreshed, gain some tools that can be used now! We promise that as you learn new skills there will be lots of “ah ha” moments, encouragement and laughter!

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Stepfamilies – Chesapeake, VA

Oct 24 - 25, 2019


If you want to be a catalyst and effect change in your church and community come to join a growing movement of leaders ministering to stepfamilies. Whether you are brand new to blended family ministry or you have been doing it for years, this event will encourage and equip you. 

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StepMom Getaway – Nashville, TN

Jul 19 - 20, 2019

Video Presentation.

It was amazing to CONNECT with other women from around the country who GET us. Being a stepmom is a unique experience and we invite all women who ARE and are ABOUT TO BE or maybe USED TO BE a stepmom to join in on the fun! Women who work alongside stepmoms are also invited. Come and CELEBRATE and CREATE and UNPACK the unique challenges and blessings of being a STEPMOM.

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Level Up Your Marriage – Seattle, WA

Jun 07 - 08, 2019


Most of us spend more time maintaining our cars than we do our marriage. Come for a tune-up to level-up your marriage.

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