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Listen in to Gil and Brenda for some refreshing conversation about your relationship. They’ll offer you tips that come from their experience of working with couples like you, and practical tools you can use right now. And the “Tingles” will tickle your emotional funny bone.

Tune in for some Tips, Tools and Tingles for your relationship.

Oct 16, 2017

S1 Episode 2 REMARRIAGE Myths & Expectations

Couples in a stepfamily will really benefit from this episode.

We can really get caught up in having the wrong myths and expectations in our remarriage. Thank goodness Siri can help us out here! Gil and Brenda will look at 7 common myths that remarriages and stepfamilies face. Wow, 72 differences between a first marriage and a second too! Time to take off the rose-colored glasses and get a reality check! Living in a blended family is not for the faint-at-heart. You will build character and understanding that you never knew you had…if you do it right!

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