Marriage Restoration Intensive

For couples in crisis, you can still put your lives back together.
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Marriage Restoration Intensive

At this moment you may feel like a couple who have drifted so far apart, with so much damage done, that your marriage should end. In the midst of your pain, there can be hope. You owe it to yourself, your children and your legacy to take one more try to give your marriage another chance.

We offer intensives for married couples who are facing an extreme crisis in their marriage and who may even feel they are headed for divorce. We’ve worked with couples who already have their divorce filed. The Marriage Restoration Intensive is an extended period of counseling and coaching over 3 days to get to the root of many problems and find resolve. We’ve just added a 1.5 day Intensive. Please contact us for more information.

Program Details Include:

One married couple
  • Approximately 24 hours of counseling and coaching.
  • 3 nights of lodging.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • 1 follow up session and/or consultation with a counselor in your town.
  • $4800 per couple 50% (non-refundable deposit) will be needed to secure date.
The couples responsibility
  • Transportation to and from the location. Portland, OR airport is the closest.
  • Transportation to and from the airport to the Intensive location (10 miles).
  • Dinner each evening.
  • Purchasing the 3 assessments required. Total cost approx. $95

We are honored and privileged to be asked into this sacred ground of your marriage to help you rebuild, reconnect and recommit. As hard as this journey to healing can be, the payoff will be worth it!

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Marriage Restoration Intensive
Marriage Restoration Intensive


“Thank you so much for your words of wisdom last weekend. It helped break down some barriers that we probably wouldn’t have been able to tackle ourselves. We’re starting to utilize the tools/resources that you provided and I’m sure they will help in this journey of rebuilding and rediscovering each other. Thank you for the help. “
Husband MRI Attendee

“Thank you both!!! This experience was truly life changing. No words can describe how much hope and love you have brought out in myself and I see it in my husband as well! “
Wife MRI Attendee

“We know from past experiences that counseling was helpful but 2-4 times a month wasn’t helping at a pace that was making progress quick enough. We needed to spend the dedicated time away and this made all the difference. I really, really appreciated having 2 people assisting us, coming from a husband/wife perspective and each having complimentary perspectives. Their respect for each other was obvious.”
Wife MRI Attendee

“Pace and integration were great as there was a lot of material. I like how you tailored it for our specific needs and customized the material to where we were at. It was awesome having both of their perspectives and insights. They played well off of each other.”
Husband MRI Attendee

Traditional counseling can be very effective and beneficial; however, progress is often very slow and frustrating when the issues feel overwhelming. The Intensive format was designed to allow individuals to get to the root of their issues quickly, with ample time to focus on resolution and growth. The extended amount of time spent within the Intensive setting gives couples the opportunity to go deeper without many of the distractions of daily life, and time to stay long enough to consider the solutions available to them.

There are three circumstances when we may suggest that a couple seek an alternative route:

  1. If there is currently a substance addiction, the individual would need to complete or be actively involved in a rehabilitation program prior to participating in the Marriage Restoration Intensive. In order for the experience to have a fair chance of being effective, individuals need to be attentive throughout the Intensive without any chemical influence impairment. This also applies to any other addiction such as pornography.
  2. If there is currently an ongoing physical or emotional affair, the Intensive will not be useful. The program’s effectiveness depends on two individuals who are focusing on their marriage. The affair must be cut off, and both partners need to focus and commit to the present relationship prior to registering for an Intensive. Even if you are unsure about the future, there needs to be at least a temporary commitment to focusing on this opportunity with an open heart.
  3. If there is a case of domestic abuse or violence, we would need to do additional screening to determine if our program would be the best fit for the couple.

A typical schedule is:

  • Travel and arrive at intensive location the evening before we begin.
  • You will meet with Gil and Brenda approximately 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM for three days.
  • Depart on the third afternoon/evening. Any additional lodging nights are at couple’s expense.

One of the first steps in the Intensive process is completing 3 extensive assessments and a thorough questionnaire prior to your arrival. This allows us to gather background information and get an idea of the best way to proceed before you arrive for your session.

The Marriage Restoration Intensive provides a place of safety and comfort. You need to come with comfortable clothing, any special items (pillows, medications, light jackets, throws), walking shoes for break time.

Once space is reserved, other people trying to sign-up are not allowed to attend during that particular session. These are first-come, first-serve room availability and availability is limited.

The Marriage Restoration Intensive is more than just a one-time service. Our goal is the long term health of your marriage. With this goal in mind, we have options to support your forward journey:

  • You may continue the counseling/coaching relationship with Gil and Brenda locally in their office or online.
  • Take advantage of the free podcasts and YouTube Channel resources to encourage, equip you, and keep you strong.
  • For couples who are working with a therapist in their area prior to attending the Marriage Restoration Intensive, we can connect with those local therapists in order to update them on progress made during the Intensive. This is subject to the disclosure process.